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Philosophy Club University of Detroit

Ryan Adams farewell address asPresident of the UDM Philosophy Club 2003-2004


Dear UDM Philosophy Club Members,


This letter is my farewell address as President of the UDM Philosophy Club 2003-2004.  I would like to honor my great-grandfather Adam Ostrawski whose leadership in Hamtramck and dedication has influenced my family and has touched our hearts.  I wish the best for all of you for a wonderful life!  Andy Ball will take my place as President starting in September f! or the 2004-2005, and Chawn Cliborne will be the Vice-President.  I shall continue to be active as an officer.  I leave you with these reflections.


My main goal for the Philosophy Club is to bring members to the life of seeking truth and wisdom sincerely away from the life of the mediocrity.  I think this ought to be our main goal as philosophers.  No matter what glory or pain comes are way, this is our task, our pursuit against vanity and the world’s distractions.  We dare not betray truth as Peter denied Christ. Yet I think it is a difficult task to be that committed to truth and wisdom, so many like Peter we will have to keep going even with great shame for not living up to one’s sincere dedication which may lead one to great despair.  Peter, however, did not take his own life for shame of such an action; instead! he lived a life of courage and with greater intensity for the greater glory of God.  The same must be for our own selves.  When we fall from our pursuit, we must get up again and strive for truth and wisdom with more diligence and intensity—our sorrow acts a fuel for the journey.


What does it mean to love truth and wisdom with such intensity?  I think the story of your life will testify to this.  I cannot affirm that I shall be a great moral person for I am all too aware of how much I have fallen and continue to fall.  The only peace that I receive is the peace of seeking truth and wisdom.  My life has come to a point that after reflecting on my experiences, meaning in life and what it is I want to do as if I were to die in two days; I have come to the point that seeking truth and wisdom is what I shall live for, even with torture and death as my future for such pursuits.  I know I shall not achieve the! truth of the all or reaching the highest points of wisdom, but I shall give one good try, and my life, I hope, will be a testimony to the dedication I speak of. 


Lastly, let us root the love of truth deep in our hearts and continue to wonder, question, ponder, debate and stand up as we continue our lives.  Look at the world out there, many lives a dime-a-dozen what life do you want to live?  What will be the results of living such a life towards truth and wisdom?  There will probably be much pain and few moments of joy, yet a deep sense of peace, since one obeyed reason in arriving at a closer approximation towards truth and wisdom.  I hope you all will live a dynamic life, one not with the mediocrity.  A dynamic life is one that would ! always be in search of truth—not for games, money, prestige, job and utility but a life for truth and wisdom. The best way to sense your intensity is to think about your own death.  Imagine you are told you will die in a month?  In what will you do with such a life?  If you choose truth and wisdom, what would it look like to live that life with only a month left?  You will be the ones to decide.  And never give up, truth and wisdom demand more than this human frailty of giving up.  I enjoyed being your president.  I hope the study of philosophy at UDM will become a place that transforms a student in such a way.  A major who has n! ot only earned an exceptional degree in philosophy but one who has become a type of person—actively looking out for truth, thirsty for it and willing to take challenges that maul him to the earth, yet he arises in pursuit.  Remember the mediocrity is there ready to welcome you back with their inauthentic lives of conformity and poor standards of excellency. 


Ad Majorem Gloriam Veritatis et Sapientiae



[Tuesday, April 13, 2004]

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